Dominican-bred Bronx native Fvrthr Mendoza grew up in a musical household, son of a multi-instrumentalist father who encouraged him to explore his gifts for singing, rapping, and songwriting. Mendoza developed a versatile style that drew from a wide variety of influences and modes, switching quickly between moody falsetto-heavy R&B and more jagged trap rhythms. He often referred to his eclectic personal taste in music as a reason for his all-over-the-place styles, citing Tears for Fears, Nirvana, Phil Collins, and other less rap-relatable artists as early musical touchstones. He took the name FVRTHR, which he explained in interviews could be pronounced either "Farther" or "Further." In 2016 he released his debut EP, The FVR, and immediately caught the attention of trap superstar Fetty Wap, who offered Mendoza a deal with his Zoo Gang label at their first meeting. FVRTHR quickly produced a debut album in April of 2017 entitled GHB Regime, which stood for "Go Hard Boys Regime." The album featured a cameo from Fetty Wap on the single "Must Be Nice." ~ Fred Thomas